Add A Few Seconds Of Silence To Your Ringtone To Prevent Disruptions

Add a Few Seconds of Silence to Your Ringtone to Prevent Disruptions

When your phone starts ringing at an inappropriate time, the scramble to shut it off is embarrassing. Give yourself a buffer by adding a few seconds of silence to the beginning of your ringtones so you only feel the vibrations at first.

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Many phones can be set to both vibrate and play a sound when you're receiving a call. If you're in a meeting or a movie, though, the sound can disrupt those around you. By adding a few seconds of silence to the beginning of your ringtone, you can feel that your phone is buzzing before the ringtone actually starts making noise. Those few seconds will (hopefully) be enough time to silence your phone before the disruption gets worse.

Create a custom ring tone with five seconds of quiet at the start. [Reddit]


    ... or you could simply put your phone on silent before you go in to the meeting or movie, and then you don't have to scramble at all.

      I think this a 'just in case you forgot to put your phone on silent' option

    A better way is to make a ringtone with a short sound first, then 5 or 10 seconds of silence before increasing to full volume.

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