Where Do You Work Most Productively?

Where Do You Work Most Productively?
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Do you get more done working at the office, at home, on the road or in a cafe?

Photo by Johan Larsson

A recent study by researchers at Stanford University and Beijing University found that call center employees who worked from home performed 13% better than they did at the office.

This productivity boost won’t surprise many of us who work from home regularly, but working from home isn’t for everyone. Some people really thrive in an office environment or when surrounded by others, like at a cafe.

So we’re curious, Lifehacker readers: Where do you do your best work? Tell us in the comments.

Does Working from Home Work? Evidence from a Chinese Experiment (PDF) [Stanford via FiveThirtyEight]


  • My most productive work gets done at home, past midnight, legs in a series of weird positions (moving as cramps set in) while lounging on my gaming PC’s comfy computer-chair, wearing only my boxers and head-bobbing to various electronic musics.
    I’ve pounded the shit out of some major tasks that way.

    It’s fucking absurd that this isn’t even remotely entertained as a valid avenue for how we’re allowed to work.

    Fucking morning people and their insane assumption that daylight hours are the best hours to work because that’s what THEY like. All that became completely obsolete with the movement of our work to computers, the internet, and the invention of the fucking light bulb.

  • Where: Noisy room. The more people the better.
    When: Anytime except 12-4pm
    How: Listen to electronic music as loud as I need to drown everyone’s voices out 😛
    Why: Because I can work for a while and whenever I want a break, I can immediately tune into a conversation, or if I need help, people are within arm’s reach!

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