WhatsApp Is Now Available On The Web

WhatsApp Is Now Available on the Web

WhatsApp, the popular chat app, now has a web version, though you'll still need your phone to connect to it.

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The new web client basically mirrors the app on your phone onto the web site. To use it, you need to head to the WhatsApp web page, scan a QR code with the WhatsApp mobile app, then get to typing your messages from there. Right now, the web app's only compatible with Google Chrome in combination with the Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry version of the mobile app. iOS compatibility isn't available for now.

WhatsApp Web [via WhatsApp Blog]


    I wonder how long this has been in the works? Interesting that it's landed now that https://whatscloud.io/ has come out in the last few weeks!

      Ouch, that's going to hurt :( And they have no hope, given you need a rooted phone to make it work...

    My WhatsApp is up to date, apparently but I don't have the WhatsApp Web option :(

    I've fallen in to using Facebook Messenger and Hangouts precisely because I can use it on my PC as well as phone.

    Apparently they actually can't do this on iOS at the moment. I was super excited reading the headline, as I've wanted web WhatsApp for ages

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