What's In The Next Build For Windows 10 Testers

We've been promised lots of new features in Windows 10, but most of those won't be in the test release that is being rolled out for Technical Preview testers this week. Here's what you will get in the January build (9926 if you're keeping count).

Microsoft outlined the features which will be included in Build 9926, which is being rolled out to everyone in the Technical Preview scheme, in a blog post. It does include Cortana on the desktop, but this will only work if you set your language to US English. Also on offer: the full-screen Start menu for mobile and tablet users, and the updated Settings app which incorporates more of a Control Panel feel. There's also a preview of the new-look Windows store. Check the announcement post for the full list of features in the latest build.

January build now available to the Windows Insider Program [Blogging Windows]


    "Failed to download the new preview build, please try again later. 0x80246017"
    Looks like my 9879 build, doesn't want to let go. Can't even access my bios or my boot menu to install from the downloaded ISO atm, either. No F8, F12, no nuthin. Might have to consider booting from a separate HDD, and see what happen from scratch?

      Make sure you have all the Windows Updates...I think there is a required KB Update.


        Also, I have had to reinstall the OS a couple of times when it refused to update/refused to boot. I am currently running the 9926 build and it seems to be going well. Apart from no Cortana support in Aus yet.

    Windows 8, by defaults removes the F8 menu option. This site details how you can get to safemood/boot menu:


    Theres also a reg tweak you can do you enable f8. Either way, can't you just mount the ISO and do an upgrade install? :S Windows has nothing to do with why you can't access your BIOS. It's a hardware thing.

      Yeah, this is different, besides actually being W10, I had access to F8 etc before, but for some reason not now. I already knew about the Shift restart trick too, and that does not help. But thanks though.

      Last edited 29/01/15 9:39 am

        Unplug your hdd, boot into bios, set boot device to ISO container, plug back in hdd and reboot?

          Genius fix, I hadn't thought of that, and I've been building PC's for a long time, but not the answer to my issue this time. I actually figured it out in the end I have two video cards in crossfire, and it turns out that they were somehow stopping the bios from showing, but not actually running. I just disconnected one, and all good now. Thanks for the excellent tip though, I'll have to remember that for future reference. :)

    New build has changed a fair amount, but more polish, ui changes etc. one annoying thing is when YouTube is full screen, the task bar is still visible. Easily fixed by turning on auto hide but hopefully just a small bug fix.

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