What Would You Like To See From Apple In 2015?


Apple is a constant magnet for rumours about its plans for 2015 and beyond. What products would you like to see it release in 2015?

The rumour de jour concerns a new 12-inch MacBook Air with minimal ports, and those rumours about an actual Apple TV aren’t likely to go away. We do know that the Apple Watch is coming. But not everyone wants Apple to move quickly.

Last week, Apple pundit Marco Arment had a bit of a rant about Apple, pointing out that Apple has created a system that’s hard to sustain:

We don’t need major OS releases every year. We don’t need each OS release to have a huge list of new features. We need our computers, phones, and tablets to work well first so we can enjoy new features released at a healthy, gradual, sustainable pace.

Given the reliability problems with (for example) iCloud, that’s a fair point. So here’s the question: what do you want to see from Apple this year? Do you need iOS 9? Do you care about another OS X release? Another iPhone? Apple Watch? Tell us in the comments.


    • Australia tax on mac hardware isn’t all that bad these days just taking the basic MBPr 13″ for example…. AUD1,599.00 = USD1297.07 according to google making it marginally cheaper in Australia at the moment. @lifehaker: it’s about time you do another review article on this

      Price cut on a premium laptop – that’s never been Apple style and never will be,

  • Obvious:
    * Quadcores on something less than a 15″ MacBook Pro
    * MacBook Air with a 1080p screen… I don’t think I’d want much more there
    * Destruction of the 16GB memory limit barrier that’s been hanging around like a bad smell for so long.
    * Removal of 4GB memory options… this is planned obsolescence
    * Removal of the non-retina MBP
    * 1080p facetime cams
    * Realization that these laptops are as thin as we want them
    * iMacs with the ability to properly drive their brilliant monitors
    * Beefier Mac Mini that’s not trying to copy the underspec’d 13″ MBP
    * Aerosnap on OSX… I don’t care if you violate a patient or two window management is the worst part of the UI and linux has managed it in various distros… figure it out.

    * Removal of the HDMI port in favor of something more useful
    * Slightly deeper SD card slots on the MacBooks
    * 3pin Headphone jack for the addition of a mic
    * Return of the matte screen option (nostalgic)

    So wow… not much really wanted on the OS side as the article mentions… plenty of obvious hardware wants though

  • The adoption of some industry standards. The USB type C connector on the leak of the new MB Air is a step on the right direction. Adoption of the same connector on their mobile devices would be ideal. Also naitive support for miracast and DLNA. I’m not exactly sure how Apple gets away with all of the proprietary anticompetitive crap that they do.. I guess deep pockest allow for lots of bribery.. I mean lobbying.

  • I’d like a graphics-card powerhouse of a laptop or imac, something with dual 8GB graphics cards, much of the work I am doing now is GPU bound, and I’d like some serious GPU processing power in OSX.

  • usb3 support for tablets and phones
    Undo the convoluted mess that iTunes has become. For example, restore the ability to directly copy songs and movies to portable devices. The current process is a convoluted and a tangled, illogical web. When it stuffs up, it does it with style.

  • Bring back the logical and easy to use iTunes, not the mess that it now become.
    I really do regret doing the Downgrade to the current iTunes, if I had of known it was this bad I would never have clicked OK.

  • At least one iOS release that actually fixes the bugs introduced over the last 6-months, rather than the introduction of new features-with-bugs as they seem hell-bent on doing.

    Get it working right, across all devices, then get back to introducing features that seem cool but no-one wants/needs again.

  • Not likely to happen, either A working ios8 on my ipad 2 (8.1.2 is still slow) or be able to roll back to a previous ios version.

    • Agreed. Roll-back downgrade would be wonderful, but is unlikely to happen.

      Forcing you to upgrade the entire OS for an application update also sucks. Garageband, iWork, Aperture, the list goes on…

  • Better battery life on iPhones.
    Expandable or more reasonable storage – 16Gb is too little and data is expensive in Australia, so not everything can be in the cloud.
    Features that work – Messages sync is poor & slow, for example.
    Agree in general with many comments above. Slow down the new releases in favour of improved functionality of the current releases.

  • * Aerosnap on OSX… I don’t care if you violate a patient or two window management is the worst part of the UI and linux has managed it in various distros… figure it out.

    – Try Divvy. It’s awesome.

    * Removal of the HDMI port in favor of something more useful

    – The HDMI port is useful. removing it would be detrimental to one of the areas that Macs – especially Mac Minis – excel. Home Theatre Applications.

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