Way Of Life Tracks Any Goal For You With Lots Of Charts And Graphs

Way of Life Tracks Any Goal for You With Tons of Charts and Graphs

iOS: We all have things we'd like to improve in our lives. Way of Life tracks any goal for you and gives you reminders and real-time statistics.

We've covered goal tracking services before and they're all great. Way of Life stands apart with the crazy number of charts it creates for you. When you track your positive goals and negative goals, Way of Life creates a basic tracker.

After you've tracked for a few weeks, Way of Life creates bar, pie and line charts so you can see your progress in relation to other goals. The free version gives you three goals to track, and a $US3.99 in-app purchase unlocks unlimited goals. The app backs up your data to Dropbox and lets you password-protect the data.

Way of Life

Way of Life [iTunes App Store]


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