Video Briefly: Go-Kart Madness, Ant-Man Trailer, Sia’s Elastic Heart

Video Briefly: Go-Kart Madness, Ant-Man Trailer, Sia’s Elastic Heart
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Brief video items for Lifehacker readers, including: DIY home security cameras explained,

  • We recently poured Sriracha hot sauce over ourselves as part of a Threadsmiths’ liquid-proof clothing test. I subsequently never want to lay eyes on the stuff again. For the rest of you, this video of the Huy Fong Foods assembly line might be of interest. It involves lots of Sriracha.
  • No Man’s Sky is one of the most hotly anticipated video games of 2015. In this behind-the-scenes tech demo, Hello Games’ founder, Sean Murray, steps through how the small team managed to create an ambitious space game that banishes loading time using brilliant maths.
  • The Skyline Luge in Queenstown, New Zealand is a downhill race course where you ride a luge-like sled that’s steered similar to a go-kart. It looks absolutely insane.
  • You should never, ever, ever blow up an ATM. It’s stupid and you’re better than that. Probably the stupidest attempt at blowing up an ATM has surfaced online, however, and it’s so bad it’s almost hilarious.
  • Here’s a video of every time Carl Sagan said “million”, “billion”, “trillion” And “quadrillion” on Cosmos.
  • Elena Rogova’s Appearance and Reality is a clever short story that tackles something we can all relate to: the difference between the feelings we show to the world and our hidden true feelings.
  • Here’s the latest in Gizmodo’s video tutorials: DSLR Cameras Explained: Beginner Vs More Advanced Features.
  • This speedrun of the game Mischeif Makers was brought to a stop today when Jackafur got down on one knee and proposes to his girlfriend Kittyrawr. Aww.
  • Marvel Studios has released the first full-sized trailer for its upcoming Ant-Man movie which stars Paul Rudd in the titular role. The people who care about this superhero can probably be counted on one hand — but then, the same could have been said about the characters in Guardians Of The Galaxy which turned out to be one of Marvel’s biggest hits. Watch the trailer and judge for yourself!
  • Thanks to the internet (and just a tiny little bit of maths), Israeli photographer Gadi Eidelheit managed to get himself in position to see something quite unique: the International Space Station flying in front of the moon.
  • A volunteer firefighter from South Australia has captured eight minutes of helmet-camera footage from Friday’s devastating bushfires, in the country’s fire-prone southern areas. Click here to watch.
  • If there’s one other thing that this dashcam compilation teaches us, it’s that Australians love yelling the “F- word” behind the wheel. Some of us are also really terrible drivers.
  • Video games often employ lots of cruel tricks in which gamers find themselves in precarious pickles — the gigantic and seemingly impossible bosses, timers, that last collectable that requires precision to attain. But the most cruel trick of all? Taking away our weapons. Here are nine nail-biting moments that left the player defenseless and scared.
  • Miss the Sega Dreamcast? Feast your eyes on this lovingly restored retail display for Sega’s final console, complete with games, consoles and a working demo station.
  • Here’s the controversial music video to Sia’s new single Elastic Heart.
  • YouTuber Hugo Cornellier took a selfie of himself every day from the age of 12 to the age of 19. He than cut it all together into an amazing video.
  • It seems that, every time the heavy rain season comes, some Austrians live in a permanent situation of impending disaster. Just look at these homes right next to a flood protection wall that seems about to burst and destroy everything.
  • From internet connected locks to smart lights and alarms, it’s now easier than ever to add a little extra security to your house. Let’s start by exploring the basics of DIY home security cameras.
  • Here’s a stealth play-through of De Pleur’s fortress in Far Cry 4. I wonder how long it took this guy to memorise where all the baddies were.
  • During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week, Nicole Kidman dropped a bomb on the late night host: he totally could have dated her. Fallon’s response is priceless.
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