How To Remove Mould From Almost Any Surface [Infographic]

This summer has been a mixed bag of humidity and drizzle: the perfect breeding ground for various types of mould. If you're currently battling surface fungus, this exhaustive infographic from NeoMam Studios explains how to eradicate the problem. Best of all, most of the solutions involve household items that you probably already own.

NeoMam Studios is a design agency specialising in educational infographics. Their mould removal guide commissioned by building specialists Heiton Buckley covers everything from clothes and painted walls to tents and leather shoes. In addition to the required cleaning solutions, it also includes step-by-step instructions and tips to keep future outbreaks at bay.

[Via Heiton Buckley]


    Mould Power by Ozkleen (the people who make shower power) is extremely good. I'm not sure how it compares to the methods listed above, but I can say it works very well.

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