The Real Bletchley Park, Where Alan Turing Worked [Gallery]

Interest in cryptographic pioneer Alan Turing has seen a resurgence via the movie The Imitation Game about his life. To mark its recent release, here are some pictures of Bletchley Park, where Turing worked as part of the UK Government Code & Cypher School team.

The site includes a statue of Turing and a recreation of his office.


    A great movie, but they missed a golden opportunity. Alan Turing could be quite blunt in his honesty. Since the movie is [loosely] "based on real events" they could have had Benedict Cumberbatch [as Alan Turing] reviewing the movie during the end credits, pointing out all the things they got wrong, or changed.

      every inch a team effort, including our grandfather, the reason this place is famous is if they failed, the Allies would certainly have lost the war. There was a Star Trek with that as it's plot.

    Definitely worth seeing if you ever find yourself in the UK. It was one of the highlights of my trip!

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