The Mid-Century Modern Workspace

The Mid-Century Modern Workspace

Reader H D loves technology, but also loves that mid-centry modern aesthetic — so his workspace features both.

As he describes it on Flickr:

This is my interpretation of the ultimate Mid-Century Modern Workspace. 50 plus year old designs that still looks timeless yet modern and contemporary. Dieter Rams would say "Less is More." Don Draper would say, "Make it simple, but make it significant." Yes, it is expensive but it will outlive and outlast any computers I have or will have for the next 40 years. This is a "luxury desk set-up."

His gear includes a Nelson Swag Leg Desk and Eames Soft Pad Management Chair, both by Herman Miller, along with an Artemide Tolomeo lamp. You can see more of his workspace over the years in this Flickr album.

Updated to a Mid-Century Modern Swag Office Setup [Flickr]


    I kept looking at that picture and something just looked odd. Then it hit me. Look at the height of that desk. There must be an added 25cm from the top of the armrests to the desk.

      Look at the height of the bench seat though, that seat is obviously dumped to the lowest it can go.

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