The Australian Streaming Gyde Lists New Video-On-Demand Releases

Online streaming video-on-demand services don't always do the best job of highlighting new content that has become available for subscribers. The Australian Streaming Gyde is a free weekly newsletter that highlights new movies and shows on Foxtel, Presto, Fetch TV, Quickflix, Crackle and Snagfilms.

The service sends an email each Thursday highlighting new releases. (This week, Fetch TV has added Hot Shots!; get excited!) While it's unlikely that you'll subscribe to more than one of those services, the opportunity to compare what's available elsewhere could be useful — especially with the imminent rollout of Netflix and Stan.

The Australian Streaming Gyde


    Oh, it's just an email list. That's not very exciting then, I was hoping for a searchable website...

      Hey Cameron, if you have an iphone we have a full IOS app that allows you to do all the searching and watching you want,

        Nope, I have a web browser, not a smartphone (and certainly not an iOS device).

    Reeeeeeally don't want to get on a mailing list. And get my data sold to other streaming companies.

      Just make an email account for spam type stuff like this

      Hi There, zero chance we will sell your email, not what we are about.

    What about CBS?
    Their All Access on-demand streaming service is available in Australia.
    Although we do not get their Live TV streaming.

      Thanks, we will look into adding them

        I am surprised that no one has reported on this, they've been here for about three months.

      Reading their FAQ indicates that it is only available in the US:

      "Can I use my CBS All Access account outside of the United States?" - No
      "Why can’t I use an international credit card to purchase CBS All Access?" - only valid U.S. credit cards can be used for payment.

        That's wrong, it is available in the US, Canada and Australia.
        I've been using it for a month now without a DNS/VPN

        And the proof....

          It doesn't work. I just tried

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