Take Notes When Unpacking To Make The Next Trip Better

Take Notes When Unpacking to Make the Next Trip Better

Packing can be a worrisome chore that dulls even the most exciting trip. To make packing easier for future trips, take notes while you unpack from a recent one. Your memories of your trip are fresh so that you can remember and write down anything you've learned for next time.

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Think about whether you had packed something that turned about to be useless, or if you forgot to pack something that you wish you had. Also, note any items that were particularly (or unexpectedly) useful. Update your packing list to reflect what you've learned. The next time you pack, that list will come in useful.

Check out the link for more tips on organising your travel, like remembering your favourite rental cars or travel routes.

An organised ending to a trip [Unclutterer]


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