Stop App Shortcuts Being Added To Your Android Homescreen

Stop App Shortcuts Being Added To Your Android Homescreen

Not every app deserves a space on your Android homescreen. Here’s how to install apps from Google Play without having them take up valuable homescreen space.

If you’re wondering why you’d install an app but not want it on your homescreen, consider that some launchers and Android variants only offer a small quantity of homescreen space. Equally speaking, you may have an app that only use very intermittently, and having it take up space could be annoying.

How To Geek runs through the basic process in pictures, which essentially boils down to the following steps:

  • Open Google Play
  • Tap the menu button at the top left
  • Tap Settings
  • Under “General”, uncheck “Add icon to Home Screen”

And that’s it. Bear in mind that this isn’t a granular option, so if you deselect it, no new apps will have shortcuts created.

How to Avoid Automatically Adding Shortcuts to the Home Screen for Installed Apps in Android [How To Geek]


  • At the risk of stating the bloody obvious, you need to access the Play Store on your actual device, and not a desktop computer. (like I did)

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