Soak Corks In Alcohol To Make Cheap Candles

Soak Corks in Alcohol to Make Cheap Candles

Wine and candles go together like chocolate and Valentine's Day. Once you pop open the bottle, save the cork (if it has one). You can turn it into a cheap candle later.

Photo by Jocelyn Noel Photography

Corks work well as as makeshift candles. Place them upright inside a fire-safe candle holder and light one end. As with anything involving fire, be cautious. Remember that an alcohol-soaked cork is flammable over its entire surface, so place it in a safe place before you light it.

How to turn your corks into candles [A Subtle Revelry via BuzzFeed]


    I wonder if wrapping the outside of the cork in tinfoil would mean it would just burn down from the top...

    You know what else makes a great cheap candle?

    A candle. Which is cheap.

      Haha no those packs of 5 for $2 are ludicrously expensive

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