Poetweet Turns Your Tweets Into Chin-Stroking Sonnets

Have you ever wished that your tweets were a bit deeper, a bit more lyrical, a bit artsy-fartsy? Poetweet is the beret-friendly solution you’re looking for. With a single mouse click, this online filter will transform your 140-character missives into rhyming poetry — complete with a pretentious title. It’s a lot more fun than it sounds!

Poet picture from Shutterstock

Poetweet is the brainchild of b_arco; a contemporary art center in Sao Paolo, Brazil. After typing in your Twitter handle, you are given the option between a sonnet (poem of 14 lines), rondel (poem of two stanzas) or indriso (a poem of eight verses). The site tracks your entire tweet history and spits out a poem written with your own words.

The results are usually pretty nonsensical, but that just adds to the appeal; especially if you have a taste for the surreal. It’s also fun remembering the tweets that each line was snatched from (if you hover over them, you’ll be shown the oirginal tweet).

Naturally, it tends to work best with prolific tweeters. If you don’t have many tweets to draw on, the site won’t be able to compose a poem. Click here to give it a whirl yourself.

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