Plan Your Holidays For The Year Now To Make Sure You Take Them

Plan Your Holidays For The Year Now To Make Sure You Take Them

Many employees put off their holidays until it’s not a healthy getaway but desperately needed. Plan your holidays now — at the start of the year — before anyone else is saving those dates.

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As business blog Entrepreneur points out, time off is necessary for the well-being of productive workers. However, most people wait far too long to request time off and often let the pressures of the moment keep them from committing to it. By scheduling your holidays in January for the year ahead, you commit to taking them at a time when there’s no pressure to stay at work:

New Year’s Eve has come and gone, but it’s not too late to add one more item to your list of resolutions: Take more vacations… Americans who regularly take time off work to go on trips report significantly higher well-being than their counterparts who are glued to their work year-round.

Of course, some jobs make this difficult by requiring you to accrue time first before you can spend it. Even if you don’t have the days now, you can still plan your holidays for when you will have eventually accrued them.

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