Petrol And Computers Are Getting Cheaper In Australia

Australia's quarterly consumer price index (CPI) figures are out today. The figures that stuck out for us? Both petrol and computing gear are getting cheaper.

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During the three months to December, automotive fuel costs fell by 6.8 per cent. (They're expected to fall even more in the future. Meanwhile, "audio, visual and computing equipment" dropped by 5.2 per cent, and associated services fell by 3.8 per cent.

As well as raw numbers, the ABS produces seasonally adjusted figures. With those adjustments, petrol fell by 4.9 per cent and computer gear fell by 4.7 per cent.

The bottom line? That next PC or tablet you buy is likely to be a little cheaper. We'll take that.



    So people who like to drive around in cars with massive speakers and screens in them will be absolutely set.

    I have a diesel, and we're still 20-30 cents more expensive than petrol.

      Thought you were so smart..

      Who's laughing now??


        Smart? Nah, I just wanted a big honkin' old truck.

      When I mention that to diesel owners they say they increased fuel efficiency makes up for it.

        Well, I'd be surprised if they said "After much research, and going against the grain - I find my choice is wrong. I am such an idiot." That would be difficult to save face with.

          They don't need to say they're an idiot.
          They're plenty of good points about owning a diesel.

        Diesels are definitely more efficient than equivalent petrols, particularly modern turbo and common rail Diesels in cars like the Golf. But my problem is I drive a 1979 4-speed Toyota Landcruiser with indirect injection that weighs over two tonnes... And even after that I still average 12L/100.

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