Optus Offers 1GB Extra Data To ‘SIM Only’ Customers

Optus Offers 1GB Extra Data To ‘SIM Only’ Customers

To ring in the new year, Optus is offering My Plan Plus SIM Only customers an extra 1GB of data per month. The deal covers new and existing customers on all month-to-month BYO plans; including the cheapest $30 option which previously only offered 500 megabytes.

From today, customers on a $30, $45 or $60 per month SIM Only plan will get an extra 1GB of data per month on top of the existing data inclusions. This works out to 1.5GB, 3GB and 6GB, respectively. This compares favourably to other SIM-only plans on the market.

The below table breaks down what else is included with each plan (click to enlarge):

Crucially, all three plans are month-to-month with no lock-in contracts. There’s also a data-sharing option that lets you share your mobile plan’s data with up to five mobile devices for a one-off fee of $5 per device: handy if you have kids.

The deal ends 6 April 2015. According to Optus, customers who sign up for this offer will receive the bonus data for the life of their plan.


  • hahahahah seriously? $30 for 1.5gb is a “deal”????

    It’s possible to get 2.5gb on optus MVNOs for under $25

  • Be very wary of this offer from Optus and if you take it up, make sure you take screen shots of the deal. I signed up about a fortnight ago for the $30 SIM with 1.5GB and yesterday was charged $10 for exceeding 1GB. Optus Sales Team and Customer Service are saying this deal was never offered. Posted on their Facebook page and included the Optus summary of the deal. Optus are saying it’s a valid deal but at the same time will not honour the 1.5GB the deal includes. It’s such a simple resolution for any of us by Optus, although customer service, sales and their Facebook communication staff appear to be really unable to fix their error or are denying the deal ever existed.

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