No, McDonald’s Is Not Dropping The Big Mac

No, McDonald’s Is Not Dropping The Big Mac
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The Big Mac is the most iconic of McDonald’s burgers (and quite easy to make at home). I’ve seen a few posts popping up on Facebook recently suggesting that McDonald’s is about to dump the Big Mac — a classic example of people passing on a rumour without checking the source.

Myth-busting site Snopes has a neat deconstruction of the rumour, which appears to have originated with an entirely fake news article on satirical site Daily Buzz Live. While it’s true that McDonald’s in the US is looking at simplifying its menu as a means of combatting sales declines and speeding up service, that doesn’t involve eliminating the Big Mac.

Even if it did, it wouldn’t automatically follow that this would happen in Australia. McDonald’s down under operates a quite distinct menu, though that doesn’t stop it being the subject of rumours that don’t apply here (such as the infamous /”pink slime” problem).

Not Lovin’ It [Snopes]


  • Just shows that people are completely stupid. The Big Mac is almost a big a name as McDonalds. There is absolutely no way they would drop or even change it drastically. I don’t think anyone I have on FB is stupid enough to post this, thank goodness.

    • That being said they might toy with a rumor of it’s demise in order to get people talking about a 48 year old product again.

  • It was to help boost a new item menu coming out focusing on the “Mac” brand i’m pretty sure. Big Macs with free small fries and coke, Mega Macs, Angus Macs are all going to being advertised. They’re also attempting to get crew to improve the big macs they’re making, using measuring sheets and trying to get competitions going between kitchen staff.

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