Microsoft Adds Pinterest-Like 'Boards' To Delve For Office 365

Microsoft has expanded its Delve contextual search and notification tool by adding "boards", which let you organise and share content which Delve highlights.

We've described Delve in the past as "Google Now for Office", and the new boards feature seems rather like "Pinterest for Office". As well as creating boards and adding content to them, you can subscribe to boards creating by others.

Incidentally, Microsoft appears to have slowed down the rollout of Delve. When Delve was originally announced in September last year, the company said it would be rolled out to all business Office 365 customers by January 2015. It is now saying that the rollout will be completed by "early 2015", a somewhat vaguer timeframe. Customers who have signed up for the First Release preview program should be able to access the Boards feature now.

Introducing boards in Office Delveā€”a new way to organize and share work [Office Blogs]


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