Make Sure Your Resume Includes Metrics

Make Sure Your Resume Includes Metrics
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When you’re trying to score a job, every detail matters. One crucial element that applicants often overlook: providing specific, quantifiable metrics that demonstrate what you have achieved in previous roles.

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Career coach Tina Nicolai points out to Business Insider that including precise numbers can make a big difference:

Employers need numbers to be able to fully evaluate the scope of your bandwidth. No position is exempt from measuring results. And metrics help employers determine if a person is capable of leading a team, managing clients, or growing the business.

So don’t just write that you improved the speed with which development projects were delivered: include an exact percentage for how much the improvement was — and be prepared to justify that number if it comes up in an interview.

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  • …the scope of your bandwidth!’ More management jargon, from a ‘Career Coach’. I wish these people could talk properly. Why not just say ‘your capabilities’, or something similar? The jargon devalues a pertinent point being made re metrics.

    • Presumably, recruiters are having conversations that include:

      “I really liked Bob, but I’m worried he might be too dial-up. Let’s give the role to Alice. She seems much more broadband.”

    • Travi’s comment is the best comment in this thread. 84% +/- 1% of users agree. We averaged the amount of time people’s eyes focussed on these comments to ascertain that rating. If you believe my stats, you’ll believe this article. 94% of readers agreed.

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