Make Quick And Easy Homemade Caramels With Your Microwave

Make Quick And Easy Homemade Caramels With Your Microwave

Caramel lollies are delicious. You can whip up a batch of soft, chewy caramels in your microwave with minimal cooking time.

Caramel can be tricky to make. If you cook it for too long, it can become bitter. Cook it too little and it won’t have the right consistency for candies. Over at WonderHowTo, Naomi Imatome-Yun has a simple recipe for caramel lollies that only takes about seven minutes in the microwave.

You melt some unsalted butter, add some light corn syrup, a little brown sugar, a little condensed milk, and you’re all set to start cooking. Microwave it all in a bowl for about six minutes, check the consistency, and add 30 seconds if it needs it. At around seven minutes you should have the perfect consistency to pour into a greased baking pan and let it cool.

You can check out the full recipe and instructions at the link below. (Corn syrup can be tricky to come by in Australia, but you can substitute glucose.) Of course, if you want more of a caramel sauce, a can of sweetened condensed milk can do the trick too.

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