LogDog Checks Popular Services For Suspicious Logins

Android: Sites like Google and Facebook tell you about recent logins, so you can make sure no one else is accessing your accounts. Instead of checking individual sites, LogDog consolidates all those logs in one place.

LogDog checks the following services for any suspicious activity:

  • Gmail
  • Facebook
  • Evernote
  • Yahoo
  • Dropbox

You can view any of these service's access logs within LogDog, including the device name, the browser and the IP address. If LogDog proactively detects a breach, it link you to the correct website to change your password.

The app stores your passwords on the device, and LogDog's privacy policy says it never sees your password. It also supports two-factor authentication for Gmail and Facebook.

LogDog [Google Play Store via iLoveFreeSoftware]


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