Kogan Pantry Wants To Be Your New Supermarket

Not content with flogging you cheap TVs and Android phones, online retailer Kogan is pushing into the supermarket space. Its new Kogan Pantry store sells a broad range of food and home supplies, with a capped delivery fee of $9.99 anywhere in Australia.

Unlike most of Kogan's other ventures, not all of the products here appear to be imported from overseas (Arnott's Shapes don't show up in too many other markets, for instance). However, some clearly are imports, as one warning on the site notes: " This Product may be an international variation and may differ in some respects from other similar products available from local retailers in various countries around the World."

As with any online store, it pays to shop around — not everything looks cheaper than what you can get in a regular supermarket. Plenty of major brands are missing (there's no sign of Coke, Australia's biggest supermarket product, for instance). There are also shipping delays on some products, so check the listings carefully.

Kogan Pantry [via Business Insider]


    Looks like what the local Reject shop would stock, no big deal.

      And COTD Grocery Run, etc

      I buy a lot of things in bulk online, tuna, toothpaste, soaps, etc.
      That allows me to almost avoid supermarkets altogether.

      Last edited 30/01/15 10:54 am

    Good luck to Kogan. Hats off to any player that takes a punt in a market. Most boards are scared of risk, Kogan seems to have a growth focused board with guts.

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