Killer Interview Question: What Will Your Employer Think When You Say You're Leaving?

An interesting addition to our killer interview questions collection: What will your employer think when you say you're leaving?.

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Social analytics software company CEO Kristin Muhlner tells Business Insider that this question can open up several potential lines of inquiry. If you say your employer will make a counter-offer, you're implying that you're valuable — but also that you may not be truly interested in the job you're applying for. If you say they won't be surprised, it implies that you've already been complaining. One potentially useful reply Muhlner suggests: note how much your customers will miss you.

How would you answer the question?

Here's The Tough Interview Question One Tech CEO Always Asks [Business Insider]


    I'm not sure, but there is only one way to find out.

    I'm planning on looking for a new job in about 6 months. While I believe that my managers will miss me because I have certain technical skills that the others in the team don't currently possess (small team) I would probably talk about how I'd approach minimising any disruption in my leaving while they replace me by making sure that key processes were documented. I'd also talk about how I've been training up the staff memeber who reports to me to build up those technical skills that are lacking in the team to reduce reliance on a single person to ensure that the organisation can function properly regardless of individual staff changes.

    What I'd like them to say:
    Thanks for all your hard work, sorry we couldn't offer you a more defined career path

    What they would actually say:
    Thanks for all your hard work, can you document all that tricky stuff you do so we can replace you

    My response: Wow, talk about a left-of-field question - I imagine it would be pretty much the same thing as what your puppy thinks when you leave he house each morning. Hey, while we're on the topic, how many service stations are there in New York City, anyway?

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