Keep More Home-Baked Pizza For Yourself With This Slicing Trick

Keep More Home-Baked Pizza For Yourself With This Slicing Trick

We all act the same way when a pizza arrives, with everyone starting to calculate with their eyes: “How many slices do we each get?” If you’re in charge of the baking and slicing, YouTuber DaveHax explains how to pull off the perfect pizza heist.

Once you take the pizza out of the oven, cut a strip from the centre of the pizza one way, rotate it, and cut another strip out the other way. The pizza will be perfectly round once again and you can cut it up into normal slices for the less fortunate. When someone remarks on how small the pizza is, just complain about how the pizzas from “pizza company X” seem to get smaller and smaller. Just make sure you eat fast and don’t get caught with the bonus pizza strips.

How to Steal Pizza [YouTube]


    • Personally I think the main problem they haven’t addressed is how to Ninja the pizza out of the oven, perform the trick slicing maneuvre and slice and reassemble the remaining pizza before a bunch of enquiring faces pop through the kitchen door to catch you in the act…
      Pretty sure the smell of cooked pizza travels faster than light, so you’re going to have to be at the top of your game to pull this off.

  • Or make 2 pizzas without anyone knowing, hide it in your room and laugh when you eat the second by yourself. (Laugh must be evil or it doesn’t count).

    Or is this a trick for people who steal other peoples food?

  • All these years, and I’ve just been making sure that there’s plenty of pizza for everyone (usually with a couple slices left over for lunch the next day). It never occurred to me how much easier it would be to go to insane lengths to be a dick and leave other people still hungry. Thanks LifeHacker!

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