iOS Updates Will No Longer Require So Much Free Space On Your Phone

Apple has just released an update to iOS that addresses the common complaint that updates themselves require too much free space to download and install. The update, 8.1.3, also fixes some other bugs, and is available to download now.

For Mac owners, there's also an update for Yosemite available now, 10.10.2, addressing some lingering Wi-Fi bugs and offering improved stability and performance. Read more on 9to5Mac.


    I have been using 8.1.2 from a full restore on ipad2 without problems.
    i also can confirm that an ethernet connection using the apple connection kit ,Apple Ethernet to rj-45 connector along with a powered usb hub does actually work only you must make sure that your router is using dhcp.Connect everything up turn on and off.Watch Ipad complain,ignore,open safari and bang you have full ethernet cat5 connected network interface connection soooo much bloody quicker than using wifi for large app store apps. OTA also works.But I'm curious as to the port it actually uses and wondering if 8.1.3 closes this up!.
    Maybe this is what auspost uses in there stores .Piss WPA raduis enterprise off and use ethernet cable instead.

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