How Retailers Use In-Store Pickup To Get You To Spend More

How Retailers Use In-Store Pickup To Get You To Spend More
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Let’s say you find a great deal online — but it’s for “in-store pickup only”, making you immediately dread having to leave the house. But this is more than a slight inconvenience — it’s a retail ploy.

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The idea is simple. You go to the store to pick up your item, you see something else, you buy. While it can seem a good idea (or a way to save on postage), there’s a risk you’ll spend more.

Consumerist notes a comment from R.B. Harrison, chief omnichannel officer for US retailer Macy’s. (Side note: chief ominchannel officer is the most ridiculous thing we’ve heard this year.) Harrison told the Washington Post:

It gets footsteps into our stores. We experience, on average, increased sales. So, they buy $100 worth of stuff, on average, they leave with $120 to $125 worth of stuff. So it’s a very good transaction for us, and we get them to experience a Macy’s brand.

For more insights, check out the full post over at Consumerist.

Here’s How Stores Trick You Into Spending 20% More [Consumerist]


  • That might be true for companies that have “Chief Omnichannel Officers”, but here in Australia, I suspect it’s more of a case of “Shit, shit, shit, someone else did this, we need to as well!”. Though, that’s not always the case, just take a look at the abysmal Big W website, which is apparently run as it’s own “store” by a 3rd party company, not as a natural extension to their business (fuck, they don’t even have a proper product listing!).

  • little things like this makes international online shopping that much more appealing, even with the long shipping periods

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