Frequent App Updates Mean You'll Make More Money

Making money from apps isn't easy. One less obvious challenge? Frequent updates to your app will contribute to better ratings — but that also means even more development time.

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Research by BI Intelligence suggests that regularly updating apps leads to better ratings from consumers. After comparing the number of updates, number of reviews and average rating for multiple top-ranking apps over three years, one trend was evident: frequently-updated apps do better. No app that scored above-average ratings had fewer than 9 updates in a year.

The lesson here? If you want an app to make money, be prepared to update it frequently. While there will always be freak exceptions (Flappy Bird, anyone?), "set and forget" isn't generally a viable strategy.

How Often Should I Update My App? [Business Insider]


    Correlation != causation.

    The reason may be that good developers are more likely to release good apps AND more likely to patch/update frequently. It may also be that popular apps have more cashflow, therefore are able t o pay developers to update more frequently.

      Frequent updates shit me. It says it wasnt ready when we released it but we will fix a broken programme as we go.

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