Entertain Bored Kids With 'I'm Done' Sticks

Entertain Bored Kids with

Kids can be difficult to organise, especially when they're bored. Keep them busy with "I'm Done" sticks.

Essentially, you write out a bunch of activities on ice block sticks, and when your kids come to you complaining that they're bored, send them to the jar of activity sticks. This way, they have plenty of options to keep themselves entertained — and you can focus on what you need to do around the house.

You can apply this technique to kids of many ages. You can create a separate set of sticks for each child, or do a fun set and a productive set (things like practice your multiplication tables, etc). For more info on "I'm Done" sticks and how they can be used, check out the full post linked below.

"I'm Done" Cups [Team V First Grade Fun]


    Great idea. Kids can become bored so easily, especially during holiday time.

    Here's another idea to indulge young folk who may find themselves with a spare moment or three.

    I've made available some free magic videos to occupy and amuse any-one interested in this art-form.

    Each video uses everyday items easily found in the average house, so there's no cost involved in preparing and performing the illusions.

    Also, each video includes a 'how-to' section to assist with the mastering of the effect.

    These videos can help children fill in those idle moments, when they’re stuck at home with nothing to do.

    When the secret is mastered, it can be a great way to amuse and impress an audience.

    1. Go to YouTube, and search “no cost magic tricks”.
    2. From the list it offers, select “No Cost Magic Tricks for Kids”.
    3. Browse through the videos.


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