Elevate Gives You Daily Brain Games To Exercise Your Mind

Elevate Gives You Daily Brain Games To Exercise Your Mind

Android/iOS: We’ve discussed plenty of times why it’s important to exercise your brain every day. If you’re not sure where to start, Elevate can give you a boost by presenting you with different brain challenges every day.

The app offers a rotating set of three games every day, each one targeted to specific brain functions like memory or maths. You can pay to unlock more games if you’re really into it, but you can keep practising each of the three games as many times as you want each day until the set cycles out. It will also keep track of your progress each day so you can see how your scores match up, which can be helpful if you want to compare things like your performance in the morning to the afternoon on different days.

Elevate [Google Play Store]

Elevate [iTunes App Store]


    • My understanding is that the existing research shows that novel puzzles are great, and repeated puzzles do nothing.

      So a morning Sudoku is rubbish (and so are most computerized brain-training games).

      Conversely, the game in the article appears to promise a completely different game every day, and could thus be effective at promoting a healthy brain.

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