CustomizerGod Changes Everything About Windows In One Easy Interface

CustomizerGod Changes Everything About Windows in One Easy Interface

Windows: One of the nice things about Windows is that if you don't like a particular detail, you can change it. CustomizerGod allows you to manage nearly everything — including icons, branding, the Start button and more — in one place.

The app includes many categories for features you can customise including the appearance and behaviour of the Start button, the Charms bar and system tray icons. It can also back up your settings so you can revert your changes later. The installer does have some unwanted software selected to install by default, but simply check the appropriate boxes and read each step carefully and you should be good.

CustomizerGod [via Into Windows]


    The copy I downloaded didn't have any check boxes to untick. You have to decline about 7 offers in a row.

    Make sure you decline all the offers unless you want your system to become absolutely infested with crapware. I think the author of this post could have been more thorough in warning people just how much crap this software attempts to install.

      I expect better recommendations than this from Lifehacker!

    This download was flagged as malware via Malwarebytes. No thank you!!!

    Avast killed it during the d/l, "Trojan horse blocked".

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