Convert Last Year's Christmas Cards Into This Year's Gift Tags

When the post-Christmas cleanup begins, you're often left with a pile of cards from family and friends. Rather than just dumping them in the recycling bin, you can cleverly convert them into gift tags for next Christmas.

Author Maggie Alderson describes this idea on her blog:

I can never find gift tags I like and when they come with the wrapping paper there’s never enough. So I save the Christmas cards from the year before and cut out jolly pictures using some craft scissors someone gave my daughter when she was five.

The craft scissors are what makes this project work — without that edging, the tags aren't going to be very distinctive. Alderson attaches them using ribbons she saves from designer outfits, but you could easily use regular ribbon or just tape them on.

Seven Days of Positive – Day 91 [Maggie Alderson Style Notes]


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