Convert A Miniature Bookcase Into A Cheap Console Display

The problem with being a gaming enthusiast is all the bloody consoles. Even if you're a past-rejecting Millennial who refuses to play retro games, you still need to make room for around five or six machines; plus cables and controllers. Most home entertainment units simply aren't up to the task. This is why you need to invest in a miniature bookcase or shelving unit instead.

When it comes to purchasing a new home entertainment unit, most gamers have a hard time finding something that fits their particular storage needs. Often, the solution they're looking for is in a completely different furniture section.

Most small bookcases and general-purpose shelving units are far more proficient at displaying video game consoles. As an added bonus, they're also usually cheaper and provide more space for easier access and better air ventilation.

The beauty of this furniture "hack" is that it requires almost no effort or DIY know-how: simply drag a small, backless shelving unit into the required position and load it with your gaming gear. Depending on how sturdy the unit is, you can also plonk your TV on top.

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    A bookcase is much more than a piece of furniture that is used to store books in bulk.

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