Build A Wi-Fi Webcam From An Old Android Phone

Build A Wi-Fi Webcam From An Old Android Phone

If you have an old Android phone lying around, there are lots of projects to put it to good use. This one is relatively easy and can bring you a little peace of mind: Turn it into a Wi-Fi web or home security camera.

Instructables user depotdevoid took his old Droid Razr Maxx and decided to turn it into an always-on, internet-connected webcam he could monitor at any time. If you want to do the same, you’ll need a few things to make this project work. A copy of IP Webcam (Free, $US4 Pro) from Google Play, and a soldering iron (if you don’t want to just use USB power — depotdevoid’s Maxx has a broken USB charging port) to add external power, and a mount for your phone are all it really takes. He uses his to watch his 3D printer when he’s not in his garage workshop, but you can use it to keep an eye on package deliveries, watch your pets during the day, or just see the view from your home window.

Once the app is installed and on your home network, you have to make it internet-accessible so you can view it when you’re away from home. He explains how to do this in the post, but we’re sure most of you are familiar with the concept of port forwarding. If you’re looking for easy ways to assign a dynamic hostname to your home network, we have some great free options for you there, too. Hit the link below for the full tutorial, from start-to-finish.

Make a Wi-Fi Webcam from an Old Android Phone [Instructables]


  • I’ve been this using for couple of years now 🙂 Exact same software. I’m using it for monitoring snakes with cheapo old phones. But not all android versions are capable of 720p video stream and upwards. Works good you can even control LED to shine some light if it’s dark or night time. I also use the stream with motion detection software that sends e-mail alerts with picture on specified alert. All you need is some drivers/software to connect the stream to a virtual camera adapter and some additional software for recording streams and motion detection, Bad side of this is batteries die fast since they are being constantly charged and none of the phones I have work without the battery.

    Links to software: (virtual camera adapter driver/software) (monitoring, alerts and much more)

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