WiseStamp Adds Email Signatures To Inbox By Gmail

WiseStamp Adds Email Signatures To Inbox By Gmail

Chrome/Firefox: Google’s new Inbox is a great way to manage email, but it does have one drawback: No signatures. On mobile, that makes sense (sort of), but in the webapp, it’s a big omission. WiseStamp fills the gap nicely with simple, good-looking signatures.

WiseStamp recently added support for Inbox by Gmail, as long as you’re using the webapp. All you need to do is install the extension, set up your signature, and you can add or remove your WiseStamp signature with each new message.

WiseStamp is free to use, and you get one signature (which is enough for most people), complete with a photo (optional) and all of your contact information to add to your messages. You can see and customise a template here. If you’re willing to pay $US4/month, you can get unlimited signatures, strip out the WiseStamp branding, get custom signatures for replies and forwards, get more templates, and more by upgrading to premium. Hit the link below to give it a whirl, or read more.

WiseStamp [via WiseStamp Blog]


  • Some one in UI needs to be involved. I log in and my attention is drawn all over the place. Always takes a while to find what I’m looking for. So have given up on this. Just like I had on google wave.

    This could have been something amazing, but it’s betaness will limit adoption => cease in development.

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