Wiggle The Cap Gently To Open A Champagne Bottle Without The Mess

With the new year looming, chances are someone you know will be opening a bottle of bubbly this week. If you want to avoid the fizzy mess (and potential black eyes) that comes with popping the top, use a cloth napkin and gently wiggle the cork.

As tips blog PureWow demonstrates in the video above, the TV-friendly cork popping method adds a dramatic flair to your evening, but it creates a mess, fires a projectile around the room and, most importantly, wastes perfectly good champagne. By gently wiggling the cap, you can ease the pressure off slowly. Then, pour and enjoy your countdown!

Brut Strength [PureWow]


    Actually, the easiest way to do it is to twist, not jiggle. Try it.

    Source: 10 years of bartending.

      What he said.
      Hold the cork, twist the bottle.

        Thirding. Hold the cork, twist the bottle.

          I thought it was a given that people knew to hold the cork and twist the bottle (or use sabrage if a bit of show).

          Fourthing. Hold cork, twist bottle. ...said to me by the guy who made Yellowglen bubbles. (when it was good, before the accountants got into it!)

    Its the one day a year party....just do whatever you want and worry about the mess next year...^_^

    In my mind sabrage is the only true way of opening a champagne bottle

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