Turn Your BBQ Into A Pizza Oven With This DIY Kettle Pizza Clone

If you want to get more from your BBQ, why not turn it into a pizza oven? While there are commercial add-ons that do this, you can make your own version for much less money.

YouTube user madbare explains how to transform cheap steel flashing — which you can get from a hardware store — into a clone of the commercial Kettle Pizza. Although you don’t see him making the contraption in action, the design is very straightforward. He used a plasma cutter for the hole in the middle, but you can use a jigsaw instead.

In the comments on his video, he says:

Worked great and saw temps at the stone of 600F and in in the dome close to 900F. All in all I say it worked great. I did end up adding a couple more bolts to hold the stone in place and added a few 1/8 sheet metal screws around the top.

Pizza, anyone?

DIY How to Build a Kettle Pizza Clone for $20 [YouTube]


  • I would just cut a piece out of the bottom edge of the lid and then reattach it with hinges so that it opened out and upwards (and could be locked in an open position with a small clip of some sort). Now I feel like eating pizza. Mmm, pizza.

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