Turn Cheap Cupcakes Into 'Icing Burgers'

Cupcakes and hamburgers are two of the finest creations devised by humankind. So why not combine them into one mouth-watering delicacy? This clever food hack will turn your cupcakes into eye-catching hors d'oeuvres fit for sophisticated noshers. (And no, it doesn't involve mixing confectionery with dead animals.)

The Christmas holidays are rapidly approaching, which means "cupcakes season" is already upon us. If you work in an office environment, this usually translates to multiple plastic tubs of homemade cupcakes filling the work fridge. It's a glorious time to be alive.

The only downside to all this decadence is that amateur confectioners tend to go overboard on the icing. This makes for a very messy snack; especially if you're partaking at your desk. There's also the horrifying possibility that you may be expected to return the favour by baking a batch yourself.

The following cupcake tip will provide assistance in either scenario: it helps to keep icing spills to a minimum and will also mask the crappiest baking skills. (Thanks to Allure Media's Joy Oxley for the tip!)

Step 1: Completely remove the cupcake wrapper

Step 2: Slice the cupcake neatly down the middle

Step 3: Carefully divide each section, like so:

Step 4: Stick 'em together and you're good to go!

Fancy yourself a world-class confectioner? You can also try your hand at the slightly more ambitious Chocolate Flower Bouquet; courtesy of Master Chef regular Kirsten Tibballs.


    Even better, take the top bun off a hamburger and put it on the bottom. Then you have a "meat cupcake".

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