This Video Explains That Yes, Your Penis Probably Is Completely Normal

Guys, if you don’t see a lot of penises in your life, you may look at your own from time to time and wonder if yours is normal. This helpful video runs down some common penile mysteries and questions to help you figure out if yours is anything to be concerned about.

The video, from the folks at Buzzfeed Blue, hits on some common things that most men wonder from time to time, like whether or not it’s normal to have a penis that’s curved up or down, or to one side, or normal to have a penis that’s a different colour than the rest of your body (both of which are completely normal, by the way.) Hit play on the video above to see more.

Is Your Penis Normal? [YouTube]


  • Men are often surprisingly ill-informed about their own tool; few realize that they need to take steps to keep it in good health. Regular use of a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), for example, helps deal with issues like dry/flaky skin, unwanted odor, loss of sensation, etc.

    • Convenient that men had working healthy penises for thousands of years before the particular brand of snake oil you’re peddling was invented, but only now do people like you “insist” that we need to use junk products to keep our bits healthy.

      Don’t be ridiculous. You have one post here. If you’re going to flog your shitty product, respect people enough to disclose the fact you’re flogging a shitty product.

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