This Shoebox Filing System Organises Your Miscellaneous Objects

This Shoebox Filing System Organises Your Miscellaneous Objects

Clutter is tough to manage, but a simple solution like this shoebox wall looks great and puts things in their place. Much like museums, using similar boxes for similar items makes them easy to store without looking terrible.

Shoeboxes can be great cheap solutions to fit stuff like cords and miscellaneous items that don’t fit in folders. In her book The Creative Habit, choreographer Twyla Tharp described her creative process and how when conceiving ideas for a new show, all the inspirational source material goes into a big box. Designer Dave Seah, stumped on how he could organise and compartmentalise his projects, ran with the idea and realised he could organise his clutter like that as well.

In order to keep a consistent look, you could order parcel boxes in large batches. This will help you organise your stuff neatly in an easy-to-access system.

Project Shoebox: Making a Physical Filing System [Dave Seah]


  • Those sistema plastic boxes in a variety of sizes are good for this and have the added benefit of being somewhat translucent. I have whiteboard-marker labels on mine.

    • +1 on the Sistema boxes. They’re also airtight and fit together for stacking. I use a label-maker for mine. They are on sale every few weeks for half price from Coles or Woolies.

      • So do I, on some of my boxes! (Use a labelmaker). I use one of the labelmakers that has been posted on ozb, of course. 🙂 But many seem to have transient contents, as I’m forever upgrading things from right-sized small boxes to right-sized larger boxes when I have more stuff in a category than I did originally. So rewriteable labels have been a good hack.

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