The Shape Up Xbox One Challenge: Week Three

We're currently in the third week of our Shape Up Xbox One Challenge and things are starting to heat up. Last night, Chris and Mark took some time out from the Quest Mode to battle each other in the game's grueling push-up challenge. Here is the video.

Shape Up is a new Xbox One fitness game that attempts to provide a full gym-style workout within a fun gaming experience. It uses the Kinect motion sensor to accurately track your movements as you jump, squat and flail your way through various exercise challenges. The game covers cardio and strength training and can also be used to concentrate on specific muscles.

After spending a few weeks with the Quest mode, we decided it was time to test out mettle in a head=to-head battle. In one corner is the fanatical climbing Scotsman Mark Serrels; a man who can lift his body weight with his fingers. In the other corner is the noted soft drink guzzler and fast food ravager Chris Jager; a man who just ate half a pizza for dinner. Let's see who wins.


    Amazing effort by Chris, especially carrying the extra weight of that pizza.

    Great effort from both, but let's face it...Mark stopped doing push-ups about half way. I don't know what those were, but they definitely weren't push-ups. :)

    Chris is absolutely the winner. You'd be struggling to call anything that Mark did a push-up.

    And you call yourself a climber Mark. Shame.

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