The Easiest, Safest Way To Slice A Mango

A ripe, fresh mango is a delicious summer treat, but slicing one into cubes for easy snacking can be difficult. Ever-industious chef Alton Brown offers a method that's both effective and safe.

The video above, while hilarious, does highlight some of the flaws with other common methods, like the "slice off the sides and cut a grid, then fan it out" method or the "peel first then slice" method. His approach combines the two by peeling the mango, but leaving a spot of peel on either side you can use as a grip. You can hold the mango firmly while you slice down around the mango pit and get evenly sliced bits of fruit. Then you can peel away the last little bit of skin, dice as you see fit, and you don't have to lose any of the flesh.

It's simple, fast and safe. Hit the video above to see how he does it, or the link below to head over to his site for a step-by-step.

How to Slice a Mango [Alton Brown]


    Peeling it? No thanks.
    I can prepare one in under 10 seconds using the normal "slice off the sides and cut a grid, then fan it out" method.

      Personally, I just rinse my mangoes and eat them. Skin and everything.

      Last edited 27/12/14 10:07 am

    People actually manage to cut themselves while slicing the grid?

      Seems so. I never cut the grid in the palm of my hand, always put it on the board *shrug*.

    The first method is the easiest way. Mangoes are so soft you don't have to press the knife that hard that it will cut you if you slip anyway.

      And its the safest way as well, who uses a knife that can cut through a block of wood to cross cut the cheeks, a butter knife does the trick quite nicely, and cutting around the center isn't really very hard to do.

      Not to mention the fanned out mango cubes attached the skin looks nice, and makes it a novelty for kids to eat.

    Such violence, blood and gore!
    Won't be forwarding this one to the kids!
    I agree with all the comments.

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