The Creator CI20 Is Like A Hassle-Free Raspberry Pi

The Creator CI20 Is Like a Hassle-Free Raspberry Pi

We love the Raspberry Pi, and it's hard to argue with the price point. However, for some people, the Pi's lack of basic features like Wi-Fi make it a bit intimidating. The Creator CI20 hopes to appeal to those who want a bit more from the Pi.

The CI20 sports built-in Wi-Fi, a preloaded operating system (it can run Android 4.4, Debian 7, Gentoo and Yoctoo), a graphics core capable of 1080p at 60 fps, 1GB RAM, 4GB on-board storage, and two USB ports. The processor is based on the MIPS32 processor used in smart TVs and low-cost mobile devices. If you're interested, you can preorder one right now for $US65 and they should be shipping by the end of January.

Creator CI20 ($US65) [via PC World]


    AC97 Audio.
    I'd prefer a proper S/PDIF interface, but you can't have everything (or can you?)
    No SATA either - oh well. There goes my idea of a media server.

      You'll want like a beagle board or a Damn forget there names. But price starts going up quickly, you may as well just use an atom.

        Still no S/PDIF. HDMI sound is nice but not everyone has a system that supports it. You need an appropriate amp, or a splitter, or feed everything to a TV then persuade the TV to spit out decent audio to your HiFi.
        That's an awful lot of mess to compensate for the lack of a seperate (decent) audio output on the computer card.

    Double the price of a Raspberry but not good enough in external connection speed and too big in size so it will fall by the wayside.

    This one using a mips which is a risc cpu Dunno how available some software will be.

      i'm no expert on cpu architecture but it does run Debian out of the box so I don't think there will be any great issues.

        As long as one is happy installing a build environment and then compiling things from source, and hoping they work on the MIPS platform. Sure.

        So you install the os. Then what? Don't feel like any programs or you'll write them yoyourself?

    What about the cubox and hummingboard? Base hummingboard is particularly price/feature conpetitive, and ARM core.

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