The Creator CI20 Is Like A Hassle-Free Raspberry Pi

The Creator CI20 Is Like A Hassle-Free Raspberry Pi

We love the Raspberry Pi, and it’s hard to argue with the price point. However, for some people, the Pi’s lack of basic features like Wi-Fi make it a bit intimidating. The Creator CI20 hopes to appeal to those who want a bit more from the Pi.

The CI20 sports built-in Wi-Fi, a preloaded operating system (it can run Android 4.4, Debian 7, Gentoo and Yoctoo), a graphics core capable of 1080p at 60 fps, 1GB RAM, 4GB on-board storage, and two USB ports. The processor is based on the MIPS32 processor used in smart TVs and low-cost mobile devices. If you’re interested, you can preorder one right now for $US65 and they should be shipping by the end of January.

Creator CI20 ($US65) [via PC World]


  • AC97 Audio.
    I’d prefer a proper S/PDIF interface, but you can’t have everything (or can you?)
    No SATA either – oh well. There goes my idea of a media server.

  • Double the price of a Raspberry but not good enough in external connection speed and too big in size so it will fall by the wayside.

    • i’m no expert on cpu architecture but it does run Debian out of the box so I don’t think there will be any great issues.

      • As long as one is happy installing a build environment and then compiling things from source, and hoping they work on the MIPS platform. Sure.

      • So you install the os. Then what? Don’t feel like any programs or you’ll write them yoyourself?

  • What about the cubox and hummingboard? Base hummingboard is particularly price/feature conpetitive, and ARM core.

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