Secure Loose Drawstring Garbage Bags With An Adhesive Wall Hook

Secure Loose Drawstring Garbage Bags With An Adhesive Wall Hook

Sometimes, it’s a pain to get a garbage bag to fit your rubbish bin perfectly. If you just can’t seem to get your drawstring garbage bags to fit, attaching a wall hook to the side can keep your bag from getting pulled all the way in.

Redditor MildandFire shared a trick that his wife uses to keep their garbage bags securely in place. She merely attached one of those adhesive wall hooks to side of the rubbish bin so the drawstring could hook on to it. This keeps the bag firmly in place without destroying the integrity of the bag’s structure. Sure, you could just tie a knot with the bag’s excess, but once you’ve put the hook in place, this seems much simpler. It’s not the most attractive-looking thing, but it certainly gets the job done.

My wife’s simple approach to fix garbage bags that don’t fit tight enough and fall inside in the container [Reddit]


    • Sounds obvious except that even with the correct size bag it can get pulled into the bin if not secured properly. I used 2 of the clear cable hooks (the really small ones), one on each side of the bin. This held the handle tie bags we used in place.

      • I find that if the bag is the correct size, depth and width, that once something is in the bottom, the bag stays there. If it’s being pulled down below the height of the bin, it’s not long enough..! 🙂

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