Put A Calendar In Your ‘Take-Off Space’ To Stay On Top Of The Day

Put A Calendar In Your ‘Take-Off Space’ To Stay On Top Of The Day

You probably have a space near your front door where you put your shoes, jackets and other things you need as you run out the door. Apartment Therapy says this is also the perfect place for your calendar.

Picture: WalkingGeek/Flickr

Apartment Therapy describes the one thing every family home needs for organisation: a “Take-Off Space”:

The idea of a take-off space is this: it’s a place where, ahead of time, you can compile everything you need to take out with you. You might do this during nap time, or in advance of the next day before you head to bed. Whenever you choose, the fact is, everything you need is in one space waiting for you, before you head out.

What does a take-off space need?

1. Somewhere to write upcoming events. This could be a calendar, a whiteboard or chalkboard. Or even a pinboard to stick up notes for yourself. Whatever you choose, it’s a place where you can look and see what you’re doing today/tomorrow, and what you’ll need to bring.

This is the main difference between a take-off space and a landing strip. Both places allow you space for jackets, shoes and bags, but a calendar is particularly useful when you’re running out the door.

You could use an old-school paper calendar or a wall-mounted digital calendar. Whatever your choice, having it by your door allows you to see your day at a glance before you head out. It’s in your face, as opposed to your phone, which requires you to actually open your calendar to see it.

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