Patch My PC Updates Tons Of Windows Programs At Once

Patch My PC Updates Tons of Windows Programs At Once

Windows: Software updates keep Windows computers safe and secure. If you aren't sure which programs need updating, Patch My PC checks your computer for you and runs just the updates you need.

We've covered the paid Ninite Updater before for updates and its companion the free Ninite bulk installer. Patch My PC is a free program that combines both functions. The program has around 100 different applications it supports, and can install or update them automatically.

Patch My PC scans your computer and looks for any programs that need updates. If you want to install other programs, just check them.

If you want to keep relatives' computers up to date, you can try our previous trick with Ninite, but Patch My PC is a great alternative.

Patch My PC Updater [Patch My PC]


    Hmm, seems good in theory but the one potential downside i can see with this is 3rd party software that comes with most programs, Does this install them too?

    Just tried this out - doesn't appear to have any 3rd party bloat.

    What’s new in
    Removed Avast Free Antivirus due to their installer installing bloat ware

    Defraggler has been removed since the slim version is no longer available and the standard version auto installs Google Toolbar and Google Chrome

    Gives a hint that they try to avoid bloatware :)

    Last edited 22/12/14 11:59 am

    Don't most apps auto update as needed anyway

      You mean like Adobe Flash?
      Which tries to install Norton [Anti]Virus when you install it?

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