Pandora Brings Back Annual Subscriptions For Pandora One

Pandora Brings Back Annual Subscriptions For Pandora One
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Back in March, Pandora raised its prices and did away with annual subscriptions. Now the service is bringing them back, due to popular demand.

Pandora confirmed the move on Twitter, and recommended that anyone who wants to switch their Pandora One subscription back to an annual basis rather than monthly get in touch:

The new subscription prices are $US4.99/month or $US55/year. It’s worth noting that if you were grandfathered into Pandora’s “loyalty discount”, you were paying around $US4/month, or $US48/year (which was still a hike from Pandora One’s old $US36/year price.) Switching back to a yearly subscription will give you the convenience of a once-a-year bill, but you will pay for the privilege.

Hit the link below to get started, or the contact link in the tweet above to get help with your current subscription.

Pandora One

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  • Excellent news. I will definitely consider signing up again as I quite enjoyed Pandora when I had it.

    It’s hard to justify when I’ve since moved on to though (which is priced at a similar price, but is just ad free radio stations you tap on to – you have no control over the music like you do in Pandora)

  • About a month ago I got an email about the impending end of my subscription (yearly, cancelled to ensure non-recurring payment), and was given the option of monthly or yearly payment. The yearly payment was just 12x the monthly payment – so no discount or anything – but was definitely welcome as I was considering ditching Pandora since I didn’t want to be forced from yearly to monthly payments.
    Maybe I just had lucky timing when it came to renewal.

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