Optus’ New Mobile Insurance Offer: Pros And Cons

Optus’ New Mobile Insurance Offer: Pros And Cons

Optus has revamped its insurance offering, replacing what was previously a messy system with a flat-rate $13 a month deal — but there are still some catches. Here’s what you need to know.

The new Yes Cover package costs $13 a month. It doesn’t require a contract itself — you can drop the cover at any time — but you can only purchase it if you sign up for a new contract phone, and at the beginning of the contract. (After signing up, there’s a 19-day cooling-off period if you decide you don’t need it.)

If your phone has to be replaced because of damage, you’ll pay a $50 excess. If it’s lost or stolen, you’ll pay $150. You’re also covered for up to $600 in excess usage before you report the phone. Optus says it will replace phones within 1-2 business days, and there are

So is it worth it? Our standard advice is not to buy contract phones anyway, because you can do better with prepaid. If you’re going on contract anyway, $156 a year isn’t terrible relative to the cost of a new phone.



  • I used it in the past, was $8 a month then.
    worked when it was needed.
    Lost phone, police report, no problemo

  • I’ve been getting the insurance with Optus for a little while – lucky i did as last year my wife dropped her Note 2 and shattered the screen completely . Optus sorted it out and ended up getting a Note 3 as a replacement.
    Didn’t even have to pay the excess cause it was beyond the period so was a bit of a bonus.

  • As has probably been noted before – be sure to check your home contents insurance first, especially if you have something higher than the most basic level. Most (all?) home contents insurance that covers accidental damage covers your mobile as well.. I’ve had to claim on it twice (one went flying off a balcony, another was left on the car and got driven over).
    Bear in mind that your contents insurance excess will apply..

  • In 20-odd years of owning a mobile I’ve only had insurance for one year. The first year. And never lost/broken/had a phone stolen. Have had a few replaced under warranty for hardware defects though.
    If figure I’m definitely “up” even if I have to replace a few in quick succession anyway.

  • I am an unsatisfied customer with the Optus insurance .they are unreliable and just postpone the customers to the next week. I have claim for a damage device and after 2 weeks I am still waiting for repair.The time Rame for repair is 7 to 10 days , they have not followed their policy. .they just say sorry and but to the customer .I will never trust them .my worse experience in my life is,optus and Optus insurance company.They just support the customer by saying sorry .

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