Most Popular Ask Lifehacker Posts Of 2014

Most Popular Ask Lifehacker Posts Of 2014
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Every day, Ask Lifehacker (Ask LH for short) offers advice and guidance to readers. These are the 10 most popular Ask LH posts from Lifehacker in 2014.

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Ask LH: How Can I Access iMessage On Android?

Hey Lifehacker, I recently decided to buy a Nexus 5 but find I still have to carry an iPhone with me because a lot of work and social banter is conducted within iMessage and its group messaging function. Is there an Android-ready version of iMessage out there?

Ask LH: Is A MacBook Pro A Good Buy For A Developer?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m a software developer by profession and am looking at buying a new laptop. I’m contemplating shifting from Windows onto a 13-inch retina display MacBook Pro.

Ask LH: Is It Illegal To Film Someone Without Their Permission?

Hey Lifehacker, I admit it, I sometimes watch those dubious “current affairs” shows, and it has me wondering: can you request a TV crew to stop filming, and are they breaking the law if they don’t stop? And what if a cop asks me to stop videoing them?

Ask LH: Why Isn’t Game Of Thrones Season 4 On iTunes Yet?

Hey Lifehacker, When is season 4 of Game Of Thrones coming to iTunes?

Ask LH: How Can I Find Out Which Carriers Have iPhone 6 Stock?

Hey Lifehacker, Is there an easy way to check iPhone 6 availability by carrier?

Ask LH: Does JB Hi-Fi Price Match Online Deals?

Hey Lifehacker, I’m shopping around for a tablet and have noticed that the one I am after is available much more cheaply online ($100 or more). How likely is it that the local retailers (JB Hi Fi, Good Guys, Harvey Norman and so on) will be willing to match this?

Ask LH: Is There A Way To Speed Up Google Drive Uploads?

Hey Lifehacker, I was helping a friend, who has horribly slow internet, sync files to her Google drive folder. She had large media files that take forever and completely stall the process. Is there a better way to upload large media to Google apart from moving to an NBN-friendly location?

Ask LH: What’s The Best University Laptop I Can Buy For $500?

Hey Lifehacker, I’m starting university this year, and I’m looking for a new laptop which will have sufficient battery life to substitute as a textbook in my classes and be used for some work as well. I only have around $500 to spend — any suggestions?

Ask LH: Can I Stop Yosemite Slowing My Mac Down?

Hi Lifehacker, I have recently upgraded to Yosemite on my MacBook Pro. I love the aesthetics but it has severely slowed my computer down. Any tips on how to improve the performance?

Ask LH: What’s The Best Prepaid Plan Under $30 With The Most Data?

Dear Lifehacker, What is the best prepaid plan under $30 month that offers the most data?